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Geomag kids Glow Panels 76


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Geomag kids Glow Panels 76

Magnetic bars in various colors to suit the tastes of everyone. Unleash your imagination by combining magnetic bars and steel balls to make a wide variety of learning development at the same time the fields and magnetic forces.

Geomag Glow is a line made by fluorescent magnetic bars and panels that glow in the dark thanks to the natural light charge. Each snap-in panels has two different designs that allow them to change when the lights are off. Surprise your friends with the strenght and magic of magnetism and create different space models with the accessories like shown on the front box: rockets, spaceships, starships etc... Turn off the light and watch your construction glow!

Age: 5 years

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Geomag kids Glow Panels 76

Geomag kids Glow Panels 76